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Offered equipment - sputtering systems

LEYBOLD Z550 sputtering system

category : pre-owned system
status      : available

Leybold semi-automatic Z550 cathode sputtering system equipped with:

  • 2x PK150 magnetron sputtering cathodes (diameter: 150 mm) one for DC and one for RF. Can be equipped with a maximum of four PK150 magnetron sputtering cathodes on request.
  • Dressler 2,5 kW RF sputtering power supply, type Caesar, combined with Dressler automatic matching unit, type VM 3000.
  • 3 kW ADL DC sputtering power supply, type GS30/800
  • Substrate table with water cooling and RF-bias/RF-etching.
  • gas inlet system with mass flow controller. second gas inlet is prepared.
  • Leybold D-60A prevacuum pump with Leybold Turbovac 450 turbomoleculair pump equipped with LN2-baffle.

Please note this system can also be reconfigured as dedicated RF plasma etcher on request.

In general, Fergutec can completely retrofit the Z550. It will be equipped with vacuum pumps, vacuum measuring equipment, DC/RF power supplies and PLC controller according to your wishes or company standardisation.

   Please contact us for more detailed information...